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Ukip donor funds site scorning jailed activists
From the Financial Times of Tue, 23 Dec 2014 20:00:55 GMT
Arron Banks

Arron Banks

Human rights activists imprisoned abroad have been dismissed as “loud-mouthed idiots chained to radiators” by a website funded by one of Ukip’s biggest financial supporters.

The site also satirises Chuka Umunna, one of the most senior figures on the Labour front bench, as “shadow spokesman for tokenism”.

The website,, surfs the anti-politics mood gripping the UK since the MPs’ expenses crisis and the financial crash.

One blog referred to a peer suspended for his expenses claims: “Another example of the political elite. . . Throw this man out of Westminster with the rest of the trash.”

But despite claiming to treat all politicians “with equal contempt”, the website is secretly backed by donor Arron Banks, who has promised to give Nigel Farage’s party £1m in instalments.

Ukip, currently riding high at about 15 per cent in the polls, has taken full advantage of the anti-politics mood with a popular anti-Brussels, anti-immigration message.

The website claims that the three main parties are all “best friends” and grew up in country estates rather than council estates.

Mr Banks, an insurance entrepreneur worth £100m, owns his own country estate in Gloucestershire — although he lives at a smaller property nearby.

The LibLabCon website says it is run by private individuals: the Financial Times was unable to find any reference to Mr Banks on it.

Senior figures at Ukip love the website, with Tim Aker, head of policy, endorsing it on Twitter.

There is at least one example of the site mocking Ukip but elsewhere there are strong hints of support, for example defending leader Nigel Farage over his old-fashioned views on public breast-feeding.

Ukip declined to comment for this article.

Mr Umunna, the shadow business secretary and a former corporate lawyer, has previously complained about comments elsewhere on the internet from Ukip sympathisers calling him a “caveman” from a “third world hellhole”.

A source close to Mr Umunna said the comments on LibLabCon revealed Ukip individuals to be “nasty people” whose mask was slipping. “It is highly questionable if Ukip spokespeople are endorsing this website . . . they should explain themselves immediately,” he said.

Amnesty said the remark about imprisoned human rights activists was “crassly offensive” and an insult to people suffering at the hands of armed groups and repressive governments. “It’s precisely the sort of campaigning that so-called anti-Establishment types ought to be supporting,” it said.

In an email response, Mr Banks did not respond to questions about the funding of LibLabCon or some of its more risqué content.

He said he had grown up in a three-bedroom semi-detached house. “I make no apology for having started with nothing and done well in life,” he wrote. He said he had given over £1m to charity in two years.

“The main political parties, along with mainstream media have no clue how people on the street think and feel. . . The rise of the Greens, Ukip and others bemuses them,” he said.

“In the past five years salaries for normal people have flatlined. . . Policies are intended to please big business and the rich to the detriment of normal people.”

He finished by accusing this newspaper of “pinko” views before adding: “Up the revolution and we will keep a guillotine ready for . . . the FT.”

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