New York’s mayor and police unions agreed to a truce until two officers fatally shot are laid to rest. Police departments nationwide scrambled to keep their officers safe. A Wisconsin prosecutor won’t charge a white Milwaukee police officer in the April death of a black man.

The U.N. Security Council put North Korea’s human rights record on its agenda following U.S. accusations in the Sony hacking attack. North Korea lost its Internet access amid continued tensions over its alleged role in the Sony cyberattack.

South Korea’s nuclear-plant operator was hacked, leading to leaks of reactor blueprints and other internal data.

China’s antigraft watchdog placed a top aide to ex-President Hu under investigation for “discipline violations.”

The pope launched his harshest criticism yet of the Vatican bureaucracy, likening it to an “ailing body.”

IRS officials considered a tax on donations to many tax-exempt political organizations in 2011, emails show.

Tunisia’s Essebsi, an old regime veteran, won the nation’s first free presidential vote.

A bomb blast in Nigeria killed at least 20, in an apparent attack by Boko Haram.

Pakistani courts stayed the execution of seven convicted militants, pending review.

Died: Joe Cocker, 70, raw-voiced British singer.